ten good things

white room with flowers from Britta

from the blog of Britta Nickel


this post inspired by Annie’s post here :)


a sunny weekend

when your children reverse the roles and gently give you brilliant life advice

white paint on a wooden floor

playing with heart and soul even when all seems lost:  Adam, Josh, Buddy …

sorting fabric (or books) by colour

catching up with a friend from my very first job in a windy city; Megan, hi :)

being brave enough to go into Zara!

reading your sweet comments

embracing my work uniform (almost) but reserving the right to sometimes wear red shoes

planting foxgloves and hollyhocks and rushing out to check they’re ok


may your life be filled with good things too …

much love from Barbara x


ps  see more of Britta’s extraordinary collection of photos here

remember to breathe


best thing anyone said to me all week …  :)









happy weekend, dear readers

love from Barbara x

garden of my dreams

asbestos 016

asbestos 011

asbestos 020

asbestos 014GE







I love that it’s still light now when I get home from work

perfect weather this weekend in Melbourne …

eight roses planted, oops completely miscalculated, maybe seven eleven more will be needed?!

I hope these will form a hedge just inside the yet-to-be-built picket fence



take care

much love from Barbara x


kitchen calm


an hour in my kitchen

late afternoon Sunday

hope your weekend was happy; it passes so quickly :)

and that the week ahead will be too

love from Barbara x







ps  Sandberg “Alexandra”wallpaper can be found here

begin again




hello dear readers, thank you for visiting my blog

after six months I feel glad to begin again …


here are some fresh start photos for spring or autumn


a painting of the sea

lost and found family photos in frames

magical colors, especially yellow and pink

white Ikea couch, moved from bedroom to lean-to (now it’s used every day)

new wallpaper (thought about for two whole years): Nathalie Lété’s Forêt Noire

geranium lampshade from the Laura Ashley sale …

inspiration from the home of Christine D’Ornano in London, I’m sure you’ll love it too …

words on the wall of my local bank:


You can’t make positive choices for the rest of your life without an environment that makes those choices easy, natural, and enjoyable.



thank you to Tim for giving me his camera “on indefinite loan” … a GE Aspheric wide angle lens, way to go :)

please be patient with my photos, it’s so different from my Canon, we’re still getting acquainted


I send you the warmest welcome back

see you again soon


love from Barbara x


see you in spring …


in my kitchen 004


Dear readers, I will see you again in six months’ time on the first day of spring/autumn.


There is much happening behind the pale blue door, starting with the removal of every last scrap of asbestos from the garden and house (a little in the kitchen and bathroom,  mainly the fence) – strange things make the owners of old homes happy!  Then I can safely put up the adorable kitchen wallpaper …


I also plan to make the tiny back garden somewhere lovely to sit, eat and talk …


And truth to tell losing my dog and my Mum in one year has bruised my heart and soul and made me more fragile than I really knew till this past week, so I need some quiet and gentle days


much love, Barbara x


in the lean-to 006


in the lean-to 011

in the lean-to 018

in the lean-to 042

in the lean-to 028

in the lean-to 030

in the lean-to 005

in the lean-to 039

in the lean-to 032

in the lean-to 035


it’s been more than six years

painting, wallpaper, garden, squeaky floors and the masking tape that didn’t mask

it might take forever!


have decided to just enjoy this journey one day at a time

no stand for the tv?  maybe a lifetime’s stash of magazines will be perfect …

and a jugful of roses makes everything look way better


soundtrack this sunny Sunday is:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IH_Kukf4PWo

wishing you much happiness today and in the week to come


love from Barbara x


summertime photos: outside the pale blue door


summer photos 014

summer photos 016

summer photos 013

summer photos 012

summer photos 004

summer photos 003

summer photos 002



taken last weekend on a really warm Sunday afternoon …

the English lavender grown from cuttings and happy with very little water


my garden is very much a work-in-progress, we’ll see what happens!


wishing you all good things this week

Barbara x

long weekend and a pale green dress

pg dress 014

pg dress 024

pg dress 027

pg dress 018



from my favorite japanese pattern book

left off most of the ribbon trim to keep it from looking too fussy

I know Stylish Dress Book is hugely popular and has even now been published in English, but this book is even better I think

the linen (it feels amazing), thread and ribbon are from Tessuti in Flinders Lane (staff there are so lovely and helpful; they also sell online)

all my attempts at photos today are not great, sorry!


thank you for visiting my blog

hope this week ahead goes really well for you

love from Barbara x

saturday: in the country



ballan 013

ballan 016

ballan 009

ballan 029

ballan 023

ballan 012

ballan 022

ballan 028

ballan 021

ballan x 4



you’re going where this weekend??


just somewhere nothing much happens

except coffee, lunch and lots of talking

dear friends, fresh air and plants which survived the hottest week



I especially love to see old buildings brought back to life with energy and care

and a front door painted red :)

thank you, Merrin for the first photo


hoping your weekend is turning out peaceful and happy


love, Barbara x