flowers for Mum

how to make a cake

how to be a mother to two little boys under two; never mind the dishes, play them music, read to them and love them

how to sew pajamas, curtains and anything else that might be needed

how to write a covering letter for a job application and a proper thank you note after a party

how to knit very very neatly, exactly the way she did!

how to speak my mind

how to respect every person I meet


how to know when you’ve met a good man and how to let him love you his way …


We lost our Mum this week, aged ninety-one;  she didn’t want us to be sad, her life was long and very happy

but I miss her a lot already, she was very special …

thank goodness for my sons, cousins and friends: have never had so many hugs in a row!


this was one of Mum’s favorite songs from the sixties:


thank you for reading, take care

love, Barbara x